Management Team

Management Team

Eric Yang

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Eric Yang is Chief Executive Officer of iTutorGroup. Since co-founding iTutorGroup in 2004, Dr. Yang has had overall responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the company. With over 15 years in the education business, Dr. Yang has provided the vision and drive that have seen iTutorGroup become the world’s largest online English-language education platform based on the number of live sessions.

Dr. Yang has always been passionate about education and information technology. As a pioneer in online learning, Dr. Yang is dedicated to redefine education through iTutorGroup’s innovative, technology-based, learner-centric, interactive platform. His endeavours has been consistently recognized by the industry. Under Dr. Yang’s leadership, iTutorGroup has won various accolades in technology, innovation, and education.

Dr. Yang has spent almost two decades at the intersection of the education and technology sectors both in Asia and the US. Prior to iTutorGroup, he established and built a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures, including an internet venture and an education institution, in the 1990s. Earlier in his career, Dr. Yang had taught and undertaken research at the University of Tokyo in Japan.

Dr. Yang received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCLA, where he also won awards for the quality of his teaching.

Arthur Shen

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Arthur Shen is the Chief Operating Officer of iTutorGroup and has over 15 years of successful entrepreneurial experience with demonstrated leadership in the technology industry. In his role as COO, he is responsible for the daily operations of the company including sales, marketing, technology, tutor resources and logistics. Mr. Shen joined iTutorGroup in 2008 as Chief Information Officer and was initially responsible for laying the foundation for iTutorGroup’s award-winning core-technology, and oversaw the build out of all aspects of MultiMedia / Streaming, Management Application, Networking, Data Modeling/Mining, Mobile Application, Web and User Experience designs. Mr. Shen has played an integral role in iTutorGroup’s commercial success.

Prior to joining iTutorGroup, Mr. Shen co-founded the social collaboration platform, which provided the Mandarin-speaking world with a social collaboration platform for business and idea exchanges. In addition, whilst at EngSound Technical Enterprise as co-founder and chief technology officer, Mr. Shen oversaw the creation and implementation of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system - a crucial element of customer relationship management for the banking and telecommunications industries. Earlier in his career, Mr. Shen served as the director for product management at Syscom and the Networking Product Director at GenieNRM where he respectively led a team of engineers in designing system integration solutions for the financial sector, high-tech manufacturers and educational institutions; and piloted the development of traffic mining technologies, including network-wide flow-based traffic analysis, network behaviour analysis security, and high-speed deep packet inspection.

Mr. Shen holds a BA in Computer Science & Information Engineering from the National Taiwan University and later received an EMBA in Information Management from his alma mater.

Jing Chang

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Jing Chang is the chief technology officer at iTutorGroup. In this role, he is responsible for developing the overall technology vision, establishing the infrastructure that supports the iTutorGroup platform and driving technical innovation. In addition, Mr. Chang oversees its engineering organizations, drives engineering initiatives and fosters collaboration. In recent years, Mr. Chang designed and developed key e-learning products, including a video conferencing platform, and mobile products for iTutorGroup.

Mr. Chang brings over 20 years of enterprise software development experience from the U.S., and a track record of delivering innovation and clear customer focus. Prior to joining iTutorGroup, Mr. Chang held various leadership positions at Saba Software, IBM, GL Trade Group, and Comcast. Included amongst Mr. Chang’s broad range of responsibilities whilst at these organizations, he managed Saba’s mobile deliverables and multi-time zone teams; provided the technical leadership for building big data analytics and digital marketing applications at IBM; designed and developed web-based real-time margin trading systems for GL Trade Group; and designed / developed service-provisioning systems to support Comcast HSD (High Speed Data) subscribers.

Mr. Chang holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Villanova University.